Schaller Vintage Tremolo G

Schaller Vintage Tremolo G; 13050537; 2-Point ST-Style Bridge for Electric Guitar; The Hardened Steel Baseplate and the Solid Spring Block ensure outstanding Sustain; Roller Bridge Saddles fix the Strings in their optimum position; Special Studs with additional fine threaded Inserts are used to mount the Tremolo onto the Instrument; Studs with Threads which enable the Studs to be screwed directly into the Wood Body of the Instrument are also available (not included); Saddles: Rollers; Included: 1 x Tremolo Arm, 1 x Tremolo Claw complete with 2 x Mounting Screws 4.2 x 45 mm and 3 x Tremolo Springs, 2 x Mounting Studs with 2 x Threaded Bushings; Total String Spacing: 54 mm (2,13""); Single String Spacing: 10,8 mm (0,43""); Dimensions: (L x W) 93,9 x 40 (3,7"" x 1,57""); Total Post/Bore Spacing: 74,3 mm (2,93""); Block height: 37 mm (1,46""); Finish: Gold; Made in Germany

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